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In the United States, Uber, Lyft and DoorDash drivers will strike on Valentine’s Day for fair pay

Thousands of drivers for ride-sharing platforms Uber, Lyft and food delivery app DoorDash

will strike across the United States on Valentine’s Day to demand fair pay, driver groups announced Monday.

The strike call is the first since Uber and Lyft went public in 2019. Drivers will protest outside airports and Uber offices, two of the groups said.

The strikes are expected to take place about a week after Lyft said it would pay the difference if drivers earned less than 70% of what drivers paid each week after external fees.

“We are constantly working to improve the driver experience,” Lyft, which is expected to report quarterly results on Tuesday, told Reuters on Monday.

The drivers, considered independent contractors, have accused the platforms of charging disproportionate amounts as commissions.

The Justice For App Workers coalition, which represents about 130,000 drivers and delivery workers, said its drivers would not provide rides to and from airports between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. in 10 U.S. cities.

“By not paying drivers a living wage, they are barely able to afford the bare necessities,” said Shantwan Humphrey, a driver in Dallas, Texas.

While many drivers sign up with these companies to supplement their income from other jobs, some drive full time for the platforms.

“A year after the start of algorithmic pricing, drivers have seen an incredible decrease in our pay… whatever calculations and algorithms they use, it serves absolutely no purpose,” he told Reuters on Sunday Nicole Moore, president of the Rideshare Drivers United union, based in California. .

In 2023, average monthly gross earnings for Uber drivers fell 17.1%, while those for Lyft drivers increased 2.5%, according to Gridwise, which analyzes gig mobility data.

“Driver earnings remain strong, and as of the fourth quarter of 2023, drivers in the United States earned approximately $33 per hour used,” Uber said. He said most of his drivers are happy with what they earn.

DoorDash did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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