In Lorient, a school targeted by gunfire during the day – Lorient

“Shooting on a school in the middle of the day, it’s crazy”. This neighbor of the Kerentrech school in Lorient still can’t get over it. At the foot of the establishment, located Place de l’Yser, he observed, this Wednesday, September 15, the two windows decked out with pieces of adhesive to hide the impacts.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the facts would have taken place this Tuesday, around 11 a.m. Time when the children were in the establishment. The staff at this elementary school only discovered the thing in the afternoon but immediately made the connection with noises heard in the late morning. On the spot, the police noted the presence of three impacts on the facade, near the entrance. Two windows were hit: they overlook the stairwell used every day by the hundred students and staff. The shots would come from a rifle or a pellet gun. An investigation has been opened but, for the moment, it has not yet identified the author of the shootings.

The town hall of Lorient, which quickly proceeded to replace the two windows, contacted the director on Wednesday. The mayor and the assistant for school affairs will visit the establishment this Thursday to provide support to the staff.

The two panes affected are near the entrance to the school and overlook the stairwell. (The Telegram / Dominique Morvan)

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