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I’m a Harvard-trained dermatologist – eat these every day for wrinkle-free skin


It may sound crazy, but eating almonds daily can keep your skin wrinkle-free, according to a dermatologist.

“I tell my patients that eating three handfuls of almonds a day is a natural way to treat wrinkles,” said Dr. Neera, a skin cancer surgeon, in a video on her TikTok, where she s ‘calls @dermatologysurgeon. The health hack clip has been viewed more than 81,000 times since it was posted in late November.

Neera, who did her surgical training at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, said there is even a study to support her claims, The Sun reported.

“A 24-week clinical study showed that women who consumed approximately 400 calories of almonds per day (about three handfuls) had a significant reduction in facial lines/wrinkles and hyperpigmentation,” she said. about a study conducted by the University of California, Davis. which was published in MDPI Journals in 2021.

The study of 49 postmenopausal women found that after six months, the severity of study participants’ wrinkles had decreased by 16% and hyperpigmentation by 20%. At the end of the study, women who ate almonds had increased moisture in the skin on their cheeks and forehead.

Some commenters under Neera’s video thanked her for her advice.

“OK, I’ll buy some almonds now!” One person exclaimed.

“I always eat almonds, they’re my favorite snack,” added a second.

“Mom was right,” said a third.

A recent study confirms Dr. Neera’s assertion. TikTok/dermatologist surgeon

Others had follow-up questions about skin-friendly food.

“I can’t eat nuts. Do you have a replacement? » one person asked.

Neera replied: “Omega 3 supplements may have similar benefits. »

Dr. Neera shared her health and wellness tip for younger-looking skin. TikTok/dermatologist surgeon
Almonds can reduce wrinkles by up to 16%, according to one study. Krakenimages.com – stock.adobe.com

“I was told that too many almonds cause kidney stones?” » Another expressed.

“But otherwise, three handfuls for healthy people shouldn’t be a problem,” Neera replied.

“400 calories,” someone expressed.

“I know! It’s a lot, but almonds are so good for you – protein, omegas, lots of health benefits,” Neera assured them.

The Post has contacted Neera for comment.

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