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Illegal aliens demonstrate for Amnesty outside Kamala Harris’ home

Illegal aliens demonstrated outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence, demanding that she single-handedly bypass the Senate parliamentarian and ensure that the amnesty for illegal aliens is included in a budget reconciliation program clog-proof.

On Thursday, the pressure group on the opening of the borders CASA organized a demonstration in front of the vice-president’s residence. Activists have said Harris must step in and secure amnesty for millions of illegal aliens through the Democrats’ $ 3.5 trillion budget reconciliation program.

“We are not asking Vice President Kamala Harris to do something that has never been done before,” said one CASA organizer:

We say use your power, use your leadership, you have the power to decide what needs to be included. You have the power to ignore the advice of the [Senate] Parliamentary and include a path to citizenship as has been done before. Now is the time and our families cannot wait. [Emphasis added]

“We need her to act now, not to make excuses. So as not to tell us that now is not the right time, ”said the woman.

Another activist, an illegal alien on former President Obama’s Deferred Action Program for Children’s Arrivals (DACA), said Harris “pledged in her campaign that she would stand with the immigrants because that she herself is the daughter of immigrants “.

“But where is she now? We need her to really stand by what she said… we need citizenship for all… we are here to pressure her and remind her of this, ”said the illegal foreigner from the DACA.

BREAKDOWN: gathering of immigrants in front of Kamala Harris’ residence …

Posted by Breitbart on Thursday, October 14, 2021

One activist said Harris must “ignore the parliamentarian’s arbitrary advice.”

“It is your leadership that our communities have elected… the Biden administration is failing on immigration and now is the time to right the mistakes,” the woman said.

On two occasions, Senatorial Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough has rejected the Democrats’ amnesty plans – one that would have given green cards to millions of illegal aliens and another that would have moved a registration date in federal law to grant amnesty for around seven million illegal aliens.

Now, Senate Democrats are looking to use a little-known Department of Homeland Security (DHS) maneuver called “parole” that would allow the federal government to declare illegal aliens a significant public benefit and thus prevent them from being deported from home. United States.

Analysis shows that up to 7.1 million illegal aliens would benefit from amnesty under the plan.

Open-border activists, however, are not happy with the Senate Democrats’ parole-type amnesty proposal and want Harris to bypass MacDonough to include an extended amnesty in the reconciliation agenda.

This week, a group of House Democrats said it would be “morally wrong” if Harris did not ensure an amnesty was slipped into the reconciliation package. Likewise, law professors wrote a letter to Harris begging her to ignore MacDonough and include an amnesty.

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