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I won titles with MJ, Shaq and Kobe and was the first player in NBA history to win championships with three franchises. Today, I am a vegan activist, chef, and wellness entrepreneur.

John Salley was a history maker.

The nearly 7-foot-tall former NBA star was the first player in league history to win championships with three different franchises, as well as the first NBA player to win a championship in three different decades.

Salley won a title with Kobe and Shaq in 2000 – his fourth overall


Salley won a title with Kobe and Shaq in 2000 – his fourth overallCredit: Getty

The four-time NBA champion won his titles playing alongside some of the game’s greatest.

After being drafted by Georgia Tech with the 11th overall pick in the 1986 NBA Draft, Salley made a name for himself as a member of the Bad Boy Detroit Pistons.

The power forward/center won back-to-back titles with the Isiah Thomas-led Pistons in 1989 and 1990 before joining the Heat and Raptors.

During the 1995–96 season, he joined Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls to help them win a third consecutive world title.

After spending time overseas, Salley returned to the Association in 1999. He joined the formidable Los Angeles Lakers led by Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal and coached by his former Bulls mentor Phil Jackson.

Salley was a backup for Shaq when the charging Lakers dominated the plucky Pacers in the 2000 NBA Finals.

He got his hands on the fourth Larry O’Brien championship trophy of his career and decided to go out with a bang.

He made a name for himself in Detroit and won two chips


He made a name for himself in Detroit and won two chips
Salley played against MJ before joining the Bulls and helping them win a championship


Salley played against MJ before joining the Bulls and helping them win a championshipCredit: X@johnsalley

The former basketball defender has experienced quite the career change since his retirement.

Today, Salley is a vegan activist, chef, wellness entrepreneur, and speaker.

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Speaking about his decision to become vegan, he once said: “I decided to become vegan in 1991. My trainer at the time told me I had high cholesterol. I was the one of the three youngest guys on the team and I had higher cholesterol than the older guys on the team.

“Before I went vegan, for about 15 years, I was what I would call a lying vegetarian. By lying, I mean I ate turkey on Thanksgiving and on special occasions. I ate shrimp and lobster and I was thinking I might be a pescatarian You keep finding all these different ways to defend that you’re not being true to yourself.

“At the age of 40, I decided to stop lying to myself. Finally, at 42, I stopped lying about food and lying to myself when I became a very focused vegan. And I have been focusing on veganism now for 16 years.

Speaking about her diet, Salley said: “My current diet is plant-based. It’s not just herbal, it’s almost raw. I eliminated a lot of oils from my diet. I eliminated as much olive oil as possible. as much as possible… Most of the vegan foods I eat, the cooked foods, are just vegetables cooked to a temperature a little higher than 118 (degrees F). I’m at the point where I prepare my own food as much as possible. “.

As a wellness advocate, Salley frequently speaks at VegFests across the United States. One of John’s missions in life would be to continue to educate people on the benefits of a healthier lifestyle through better eating habits.

As a result, the sixty-year-old is an investor in several vegan companies.

Salley is passionate about veganism and is involved in many vegan businesses.


Salley is passionate about veganism and is involved in many vegan businesses.Credit: Getty
He has appeared in commercials for PETA


He has appeared in commercials for PETACredit: X@johnsalley

“Everything I do, every company I work with, every project, mentally aligns with my eco-vegan vision of live and let live,” he said.

Salley is involved with Mother Plucker, a vegan chicken concept and fast food restaurant in the Los Angeles area that serves plant-based chicken tenders.

“I thought Mother Plucker was the best thing,” Salley told VegNews.

Salley is passionate about his lifestyle and has appeared in PETA testimonial videos over the years.

He also became the official spokesperson for a line of natural supplements called VirMax and even once encouraged former United States First Lady Michelle Obama to go vegan “for the planet.”

Passionate about gastronomy, wine and spirits, Salley is a partner of the “Vegan Vine” label in partnership with Clos LaChance Winery.

He is also dabbling in the cannabis industry, launching his own cannabis brand Deuces22 and taking a stake in cannabis testing company GreenSpace Labs.

It’s been an unusual journey for Salley, but one that has allowed him to reap the rewards of his hard work on the NBA hardwood.


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