I used to judge parents for leashing their kids — now I insist on reining them in

A mother of two has shared a candid TikTok video, speaking about a major change in her perspective after becoming a mom.

In the video, Chloe, aka ‘The Simple Mum’, admitted that before becoming a parent, she was quick to judge others who used child safety reins.

His instinctive reaction was, “They’re humans, not dogs!” »

However, when she became a parent herself, her opinions changed and she now uses them with her children.

“Everything to ensure their safety”

“Did I used to judge parents who put their children in charge? Chloe wrote in the clip which has been viewed almost 30,000 times.

“Hell yeah,” she said.

She then explains that her change of mind came from the fact that she became aware of the dangers that the world can present to little ones.

“I didn’t realize how scary the world was until I became a mom,” she revealed.

This led her to prioritize the safety of her children over any concerns about optics or people’s judgment.

“Now, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, I will do everything to keep them safe,” she said.

A TikToker shared that she judges parents who leash their children. Tic Tac

“Children are kidnapped in seconds! »

Safety reins for children are quite controversial among parents, but Chloe’s video clearly landed on the non-judgmental moms’ feed.

“If my mother hadn’t put me on the reins I would have been dead, I was a first class rider without any sense of danger,” one user responded.

“I always said my little girl will have reins when she can walk, especially in busy places,” someone else added. “Children are kidnapped in seconds!”

“There is literally nothing wrong with that!” » assured a third.

“I guess the moral of the story is don’t judge people for things we have no experience in,” another TikToker commented.

“I had my son at the reins and the looks I got!” » admitted another viewer. “I don’t trust anyone around my son, I’d rather have looks and bring him home safely every night.”

The mom now says she will
The mother now says she will do “anything” to keep her children safe. Tic Tac

“Yes to that!” » congratulated a woman.

“I always said I would never use them, but now I’m a little mom, I understand them 100%! someone in the same boat as Chloe wrote.

“Don’t worry about non-judgmental morons,” insisted another.

And this person concludes: “The children get snatched, they twist and run and God forbid they run into the road. »

It’s refreshing to see such a positive comments section every once in a while. You do it and keep your children safe in whatever way suits you.

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