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‘I put them on the map’: Kevin Spacey slams Netflix against Tucker Carlson, claims he invented ‘tudum’

Disgraced actor Kevin Spacey is back to direct his annual (albeit incredibly bizarre) Christmas Eve videos, in which he impersonates his “House of Cards” character, Frank Underwood. In this year’s special, Spacey spoke with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson to criticize Netflix.

“By the way, are you still watching Netflix?” » asked Carlson.

“Probably as much as you watch Fox,” Spacey responded, earning a few laughs from Carlson. The host went on to ask Spacey if he was aware that he was “there somehow” when people open the Netflix app. Netflix’s signature “tudum” intro sound played shortly after. (Netflix hired a company to produce the sound logo.)

“Yes, do you know what it is?” Spacey asked, banging his fist on the table in the same manner as his “House of Cards” character. “Boom boom. So it’s bizarre that they decided to publicly cut ties with me based solely on allegations, allegations that have now been proven to be false. Because I don’t think there’s any doubt. Netflix exists because of me. I put them on the map and they tried to put me under the ground.

“House of Cards” became the first Netflix original series to rack up Emmy nominations after its release in February 2013. In the series, Spacey plays Frank Underwood – a ruthless politician who becomes President of the United States through treason – until ‘ to season 6., when Spacey was written off the series after facing sexual assault allegations. In 2022, Spacey denied committing any sexual assault, instead saying he was a “big flirt”. Earlier this year, a British jury found Spacey not guilty of nine counts of sexual assault, indecent assault and inciting penetrative sexual activity.

Elsewhere in his interview with Carlson, Spacey, still posing as Underwood, suggested he would run for president:

“Our country needs to stop apologizing and get tough,” Spacey said. “We have so many people coming forward with so many different issues, like gun control, but let’s be honest. More and more people are killed by online trolls every day.

Watch the full interview below, via YouTube:

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