‘I literally saw three people die today’ Witness recounts traumatic moments after fatal head-on collision on I-25

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – 11News speaks exclusively with a man who said he witnessed a fatal crash early Sunday morning that left three people dead. The crash happened at I-25 and Circle shortly before 5 a.m. According to Colorado Springs police, a driver traveling the wrong way collided head-on with another car. A nearby driver, who noticed the accident, stopped and tried to help, but was hit by another car.

Some details of his story may be difficult for some to read.

Jacob Williams told 11News that Sunday morning started out like any other, until everything changed before his eyes. The scene Sunday morning is something Williams said he can’t forget.

“I literally saw three people die today and it’s… I can’t explain it,” said witness Jacob Williams.

William said he was heading to breakfast with friends on I-25 when he saw the crash.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” Williams said. “I was on the phone with 911. My roommate ran across the highway and luckily made it to the SUV.”

Williams said he and his friend tried to hold on any way they could.

“There is a very urgent emergency. We were going there to provide help or see signs of life,” Williams said.

It was during their first check of the scene that Williams said an already intense and scary situation got even worse.

“A man who was behind me {in my car} after crossing the highway was following me. He was just a step behind and a car came and hit him. I don’t want to describe what I saw.

Williams told 11News it’s a scene he’ll never be able to erase from his mind, but he wants everyone to know it’s important for everyone to stay cautious and always be willing to help.

“We help each other. I hope someone will come to me in time of need. That’s what we were trying to do. We just stopped and tried to help,” Williams said .

CSPD has not yet released the names of the victims.

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