‘I don’t dislike Tyson Fury, I just call out his BS’ – Johnny Nelson names ‘mole’ in Gypsy King’s camp ahead of Oleksandr Usyk fight

Johnny Nelson has now revealed he had no secret sources giving him information about Tyson Fury’s training camp.

The former cruiserweight world champion caused a stir on talkSPORT earlier this year when he said he had heard Gypsy King was preparing poorly for his clash with Oleksandr Usyk.


Fury vs Usyk is now scheduled for May 18 but was supposed to take place in FebruaryCredit: First rank

This was then followed by the postponement of Fury vs Usyk due to the Briton’s reduction in fights, which sparked conspiracy theories.

But now Nelson has said the “moles” he got information from about Fury’s camp were actually Tyson’s father John Fury and his brother Shane Fury – who had publicly given interviews expressing their concerns about certain configuration factors.

“Do you want to know who the mole is? His father and his brother, he’s the mole,” Nelson said on talkSPORT talkBOXING.

“Because look, I didn’t say anything that his dad didn’t say.

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“I didn’t say anything that his brother didn’t say, okay, I might have sprinkled a little seasoning on it, but what I’m saying is that it’s on the record – his father said the camp was this, that and the other.

“It’s on tape, his brother said there were too many backswatters there.”

Nelson continued: “Tyson is not an idiot, but Tyson is the head of the snake – so they all have to behave because they want to stay on that payroll.

“So they’re going to tell him what they think (that he wants to hear) to curry favor with him.

Nelson is now a boxing expert


Nelson is now a boxing expertCredit: Getty

“His brother and his father, those are his (real) people and they don’t like these people around, and they’re not happy.

“But the people there think, ‘I’m paid well, so I’ll tell you what you want.’

“I don’t hate Tyson Fury, I’m just calling out his bullshit, I don’t hate him.

“People around him say, ‘Johnny Nelson this, Johnny Nelson that.’ I don’t hate Tyson Fury because I think he’s the best heavyweight in the world.

“But you have people in your ear talking nonsense just because it fits their agenda.

“Listen to your father, listen to your brother, they are the ones who tell the truth, they are the moles.”

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