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How to remove annoying news widgets from Windows 11

Windows 11, by by default shows you a bunch of “news” articles when you click the widget icon, the item on the left of the taskbar that usually shows you the weather. This block of press articles was, until recently, almost impossible to deactivate. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the selected news articles seemed designed to disrupt anything resembling digital calm – it’s still some of the worst rage-baiting to be found on the Internet, as if MSN homepage from the 2000s had a baby with 4chan.

I wrote about how to hide this bullshit a few years ago, but my process didn’t work for everyone. Since then, a close friend of mine almost returned his brand new Microsoft Surface because of this nonsense, which constantly appears on this device, even if you turn off the taskbar icon. (She came across my article but it didn’t help, and she eventually used a registry hack to disable the feature completely.)

None of these workarounds are necessary anymore. You can now use the Windows 11 widget area without seeing any unnecessary news headlines. Here’s how.

How to Hide News in Windows 11

Open the widget table on your device (try not to read the horrible titles: they’ll be gone soon). Click the gear icon in the upper right corner.

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Courtesy of Justin Pot

This will open Settings. Click it Show or hide feeds option.

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Courtesy of Justin Pot

News Source : www.wired.com
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