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How to install and use Microsoft Copilot on Android

Microsoft’s Copilot chatbot, formerly known as Bing Chat, is now available as an Android app. So, if you have an Android device, you no longer need to use the web version. Here’s how to get started with the Copilot app on your Android device.

Getting started with Microsoft’s Copilot app for Android

Microsoft Copilot is an AI assistant that aims to help you solve many simple tasks, like writing emails, creating images, giving you summaries, etc. As reported by XDA, Microsoft has quietly released the Copilot app to the Play Store. Use the link below and follow our instructions to get started:

Download: Microsoft Copilot (free)

  1. Once you have installed the app from the Play Store, open it and tap Continue to accept the terms and conditions.
  2. When you get a pop-up to allow location, choose When using the app proceed.
  3. Enable Use GPT-4 on the main screen.
  4. Now you can just press the microphone icon at the bottom for voice input. When prompted to give it permission to record audio, tap When using the app.
  5. If you prefer to enter your queries, press the button keyboard icon in the lower right corner. You can also press the Camera icon to interact with the chatbot using images.
  6. To start a new conversation from scratch, tap the icon New topic icon in the lower left corner.

That’s pretty much all you need to get started. At this point, you can use the app like any other generative AI chatbot.

To get the most out of Copilot on your Android device, sign in with your Microsoft account by tapping To log in in the upper left corner. This will, for example, allow the chatbot to display images generated by AI.

What can you do with Copilot on Android?

Like ChatGPT, you can ask Copilot just about anything you want. Whether you want a detailed explanation on a complex topic, need help writing emails, or translating text into another language, Copilot has you covered.

You can even add images to your chats, generate images on the fly with the Dall-E 3 art generator, and get web results, which isn’t possible in the ChatGPT app unless you pay for a subscription ChatGPT Plus. Indeed, Microsoft Copilot gives you free access to OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model.

The app also lets you choose your preferred conversation style. Press the three points icon in the upper right corner and choose Show all tones. Then select Creative, BalanceAnd Accurate.

You should be able to master Copilot in no time, especially if you’re already familiar with other AI chatbot apps like ChatGPT. In my experience, Copilot took a while to respond to my queries compared to ChatGPT. However, the answers are more detailed.

If you were previously hesitant to try Microsoft Copilot, now is your best chance, since you can try it directly from your smartphone.

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