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How to get the free “Escape From Tarkov” New Year’s gift

As tradition dictates, Battlestate Games gives each Escape from Tarkov player a free gift to celebrate the holiday season and the new year. But there are a few steps to take before you can unlock your gift.

Last year’s gifts gave you some very useful loot, so this is a welcome addition with the new wipe, which some players are struggling with. Thanks to the new Ground Zero map and the quests it contains, many people are quickly finding themselves out of money in the new Tarkov wipe, which means that the Christmas gift will be appreciated even more than usual.

How to claim the Escape from Tarkov New Year’s gift

In order to claim your Escape from Tarkov Christmas and New Year’s gift you’ll have to jump into first Tarkov and configure your character for the wipe. It’s pretty simple and should only take a few minutes. If you have already started playing this wipe, you can simply move on to the next step.

Then you need to head towards the Escape from Tarkov website and log in. Once you’ve done that, go to your profile page and scroll down, where you’ll see a small loot image and a paperclip symbol on it. Click on this symbol and your gift will be activated.

Then you need to start Escape from Tarkov and open your messages. You will receive a new message from “SYSTEM” including your New Year’s gift. Click the Get button as you would an insurance return or quest reward and you will be redirected to your gift. Simply transfer the items to your stash and the loot will be valid all year round.

What’s in the Escape from Tarkov New Year’s gift?

The freebie doesn’t come with containers like previous years, but you do get some useful goodies, including new additions that arrived with the patch. You will get the RK-PT-25 backpack, the VSK-94 pistol as well as four magazines and lots of ammo, a NeoSteel helmet, the three Christmas decorations, a balaclava, condensed milk, regular milk and vodka .

With all three Christmas decorations, you’ll instantly be able to craft the Christmas tree in the hideout, making your house a little more festive as you start building it. From there, you can craft Car Medkits, which you in turn can use to craft Salewas, which prove difficult to find.

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