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How to Get an Instant Cash Advance Now • Benzinga

Instant cash advances are an important financial tool that anyone can use to improve their money management, inject money into their monthly budget, or pay for unforeseen expenses. While you may be familiar with cash advances, instant cash advance is a little different.

What is an instant cash advance?

An instant cash advance contrasts with a traditional cash advance in that it occurs immediately and often includes favorable terms.

When you want an instant cash advance, you go to your financial platform’s mobile app or website, request the advance, select the amount you need and wait for the platform to deposit that money into your internal or external account.

Do Instant Cash Advances have any fees or interest?

Traditionally, cash advances offered by banks or credit cards have included fees and interest. Modern digital financial platforms tend to offer interest-free and fee-free cash advances. Additionally, many of these platforms do not check your credit.

How do I repay an instant cash advance?

You pay off an instant cash advance with an automated payment. When you request and accept the money, you are put on an automated payment plan that withdraws the payment from your connected account at regular intervals. This process makes it easier to keep track of your payments, but you can contact the financial platform if you need to adjust your payment plan.

Why should you request an instant cash advance?

An instant cash advance gives you access to cash for a number of scenarios, including:

  • Car repairs
  • Medical fees
  • Family celebrations
  • Groceries or gas
  • To reimburse friends or family
  • When your salary is a little short

Because anyone can be missing their checkbook, you should check to see if your bank or preferred financial platform offers cash advances.

If so, see how much money the financial institution can provide. Remember, however, that traditional cash advances were generally financed via a paper check. With an instant cash advance, that money goes straight to your preferred account. No waiting. No worries, and it’s easier to reach out to the customer service team through an app or website.

Additionally, you need to make sure that your preferred financial platform isn’t checking your credit, charging fees, or charging interest. An interest-free advance is much easier to manage and does not reduce your purchasing power.

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