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Patrick T. Fallon / AFP via Getty Images

Tiger Woods’ vehicle drove through the center of the roadway before crashing Tuesday morning, a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department official told Fox News Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s kind of a downhill slope, and there are some twisty turns as well,” said captain James Powers. “He crossed the center median and went up the sidewalk across the road, and he spilled over into a few shrubs.

He said he believed someone living near the scene reported the crash to MPs.

“It took them about six minutes to get to the scene, and they found a vehicle that had been run over,” Powers said, “and it was in brush.”

Powers told Fox that the cause of the crash was under investigation, but there was no sign of foul play. “This road is kind of a steep climb, and it was going down. Speeds can increase simply by the momentum of a vehicle, ”he said.


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