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How Éric Zemmour weaves his web in Brittany – Presidential Election


Eric Zemmour, how many divisions? The question begins to arise in the political microcosm, while a Breton dedication tour (Vannes, Rennes, Nantes) of the essayist, almost presidential candidate, is raised during a weekend at the end of the month of October.

In Vannes, his supporters are busy working out the details of his arrival. One thing is certain, it will not be in the work room loaned to the dozen sympathizers grouped around Yvan Chichery, defector of the RN (ex-departmental manager resigned) and moderator of the Zemmour 56 committee, Morbihan branch of Friends of Eric Zemmour. A room too small, given the crowds that the dedication of his book “France has not said its last word” may provoke.

500 friends of Eric Zemmour in Morbihan

Yvan Chichery claims a list of 500 supporters in Morbihan. “And almost as many in Finistère, Côtes-d’Armor and Ille-et-Vilaine with 300 to 500 supporters,” says the support officer for the candidacy of Eric Zemmour. Yvan Chichery is in charge of mayors’ sponsorship.

“There will be a candidate from Eric Zemmour in all the constituencies of Morbihan. It’s a virtual certainty… ”

“For now, two in the department but many are pending, he hastens to add. When he is a candidate, everything will have to be ready. It’s complicated to glean signatures but it’s easier than for Marine Le Pen ”. Yvan Chichery firmly believes in the chances of his champion: “Zemmour can go up to 20%”.

On Ploërmel, Agnès Richard prepares the legislative elections

In the north of the department, in Ploërmel, Agnès Richard, another defector of the RN (former RN regional councilor who resigned since October 1) also believes that Eric Zemmour will go up again! “There is a real dynamic. Former LR and Via activists, the party chaired by Jean-Frédéric Poisson, are joining us, says Agnès Richard. I think we are taking 75% of the former RN activists from Morbihan and 100% to the constituency of Ploërmel ”. A fourth constituency where she is a possible candidate to wear the colors of Eric Zemmour in the legislative elections. An election that the polemicist’s networks are actively preparing “There will be a candidate for Eric Zemmour in all the constituencies of Morbihan.” It’s a virtual certainty, ”insists Agnès Richard.

Generation Z: 500 young people in Brittany

The young Morbihannais of Generation Z are not left out. Under the leadership of Lucas Chancerelle, defector of the RN (ex-resigned youth manager from the RN in the department) and today Brittany manager of Generation Z, the under 30s met in Vannes a week ago: around thirty participants, in particular a few young royalists, a young person in charge of Via and a person in charge of the Uni, a movement of the university right …

Lucas Chancerelle, resigned from the RN. He is now the Brittany manager of Génération Z. (Photo Stéphanie Le Bail)

“We are around 200 young people supporting Éric Zemmour in Morbihan, says Lucas Chancerelle and 500 in Brittany”. He also reports “colossal” departures of former RN activists: “In the RN federation of Morbihan, eight out of ten have joined Zemmour. But the phenomenon is global. Where Mégret and Philippot failed, Zemmour succeeded in attracting RN executives and activists ”.

“If the LR candidate who will leave the congress does not suit me, I could get closer to Zemmour …”

Nothing to worry about Emeric Salmon, departmental head of the RN in Morbihan: “I dispute these figures. There is no leakage in these proportions, nor any mass phenomenon. In Morbihan, this concerns a handful of people, a dozen, and even less in the other Breton departments. Isolated cases, people who have had disappointments, like Agnès Richard. Yvan Chichery moves a lot, he tries to harm us ”.

The Zemmour networks also fish in the waters of LR: “If the LR candidate who will leave the congress does not suit me, I could get closer to Zemmour” launches a young Vannetais inserted LR. The constituency of Vannes where Generation Z would see someone from the classic right representing its champion in the legislative elections.