How Dolce Glow Can Give You a Sun-Kissed, Celebrity-Level Tan at Home

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Your summer tan has arrived! Get ready for a guilt-free sunny vibe with sunless tanning brand, Dolce Glow. This isn’t your average self-tanner: it’s tanning luxury at its best, without the mess.

Isabelle Alysa has designed a tanning experience for all skin tones. Miley Cyrus loves the brand so much that she invested in it! No matter if you’re a tanning beginner, a professional self-tanner, have pale skin or fair complexion, or just want to deepen your glow, Dolce Glow has a tanning product for you that will help you create natural-looking, effortless color. . We asked Alysa for her best self-tanning tips.

To kick off your at-home self-tanning experience, Alysa wants you to identify your body’s skin type. “Try moisturizing mousse or drops for dry skin,” she advises. “The light mist is suitable for oily complexions.”

The secret to a flawless sun-kissed glow? Skin preparation and exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. “Proper exfoliation is the key to a flawless bronzed glow, so prepare your skin 24 hours in advance with a thorough shave and shower,” says Alysa.

“Apply the Dolce Glow formula of your choice with the tanning mitt, using gentle circular motions, starting with a small amount and gradually increasing to achieve a natural finish. And for mist lovers, a circular spray technique ensures consistent application every time,” she says. .

To achieve a subtle bronzed glow every day, the CEO and founder recommends mixing her Goccia di Sole Hydrating Serum Drops with your daily moisturizer for “a luminous complexion without the commitment of a full-on tan.”

Alysa told us it’s important to avoid applying exfoliating acids after tanning to help prolong your tan, and to use a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer formulated with hydrating heroes such as glycerin and l hyaluronic acid to keep your color fresh.

The tanning expert told us that a Dolce Glow self-tanning product is designed to last up to seven days with proper care.

Are you ready to embrace your radiant glow? Discover the luxury of Dolce Glow’s sunless tanning solutions today and radiate confidence without the harmful effects of UV rays. Shop now and embark on your journey to luminous summer skin and your best bronze!


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