Homeless Californians build a house alongside 110 freeway

Fake it till you make it.

Homeless Californians built a house with rock walls, a garden, a barbecue grill, a hammock, decorative string lights, potted plants and a working electrical system on a wedged strip of land between a busy highway and the Arroyo Seco in Los Angeles.

This impressive and seemingly sturdy structure stands out among the dozens of makeshift shelters, tents and tarps that homeless people have built along the watershed, as filmed by local news channel KTLA.

This makeshift house is one of dozens of homeless encampments built along the Arroyo Seco. KTLA5

The number of encampments built over the “dry river” has increased in recent years as 46,000 Los Angeles residents are left homeless, the station reported.

People who live in the makeshift home off Highway 110 did not want to speak to the station, but neighbors who did had mixed reactions.

“They don’t bother me,” a local resident said in Spanish, noting that most camp residents keep to themselves.

But neighbor Mike Ancheta, who was cycling past, said he “admired” the work they did, but said the shelters shouldn’t be there.

“It has no place here. It’s public property,” Ancheta told KTLA. “But that’s not what it’s supposed to be used for. It’s dangerous. As you can see, someone is cooking over there, over an open fire. They steal electricity. I mean, come on.

The house-like camp, however, has two fire extinguishers in its “yard”, as the photos show.

The house features a rock wall, potted plants, fairy lights, a hammock for relaxing and much more. KTLA5
Nearby residents are divided over the encampments: Some say residents of the makeshift shelters don’t bother them, while others say it’s wrong for them to use public land. KTLA5

“It’s a shame that some of these people are here,” Enrique Rodriguez said. “I wish better for these people. (But) I can’t be sorry for the mistakes they made.

And yet another resident blamed Los Angeles’ rental costs.

“It’s screwed,” Ulysses Chávez told the local station.

“They should lower the rents. They should cut back on all kinds of things, especially in Los Angeles.

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