Hitman update lets you kill Conor McGregor

Although it amazes me to admit it, Hitman: World of Assassination is obviously always receiving DLC ​​years after its release, and its final track might be my favorite. Indeed, the new mission tasks Agent 47 with eliminating none other than Conor McGregor, MMA’s most infamous fighter.

Hitman: World of Assassinationwhich groups the three titles developed by IO Interactive in one package, The game has long offered limited-time missions called “elusive targets” that give players a single opportunity to kill the target or fail the mission forever. You are allowed to start them again if you are not dead or have not already completed all the objectives, but if you do either of these two objectives you will be kicked out of the mission. So if you have any issues with McGregor in the game, you better take a shot.

McGregor will appear in Hitman as an MMA fighter, you guessed it, known as The Disruptor, and will actually compete in a match against a character previously featured in Hitman 3 on a map of Hitman 2. It’s apparently Agent 47’s responsibility to take him out before the match begins, and based on the trailer, it doesn’t look like the other guy stands a chance against The Disruptor.

The Disruptor is not only modeled after McGregor, but is in fact also voiced entirely by the fighter-turned-movie star. Earlier this week, McGregor revealed he would play in a game this would be announced in the coming days before deleting his post on X (formerly known as Twitter). Now I guess we know what he was talking about!

McGregor has not only made a name for himself in the ring, but outside of it as well. He gained a reputation for speaking openly about his opponents outside of fights, earning him the nickname “The Notorious.” courted controversy after controversyincluding sexual assault allegations against him, as well as the most assault accusations I’ve ever seen on a Wikipedia page. Talk about a distinguished track record…

Unfortunately, none of this really slowed or hurt his career, as evidenced by the fact that he appeared as one of the central villains in the poor remake of Relay on Prime Video earlier this year. Not only did I have the misfortune of watching this horrible, CGI-filled mess, but I eventually convinced my dad to watch it with me too. So if I embark on the elusive mission, I will take revenge on myself as well as my father.

McGregor’s Mission will be available from June 27 to July 29, so in case you need to reinstall the game, Interactive IO gave you enough time. Go ahead guys, let him know what you really think of him.


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