His 78-year-old girlfriend dumped him and kicked him out. His response was to steal $1 million from his East Bay home, police say

BAY POINT — A 59-year-old local plumber was arrested and charged with burglarizing and vandalizing his 78-year-old ex-girlfriend’s home after she broke up with him and kicked him out, according to court records.

The suspect, identified in court records as Jeffrey Allen, was charged May 22 with elder abuse, burglary, grand theft and vandalism, all felonies. He pleaded not guilty on May 28 and was released from jail while the case is pending, with the next court date set for June 11, records show.

Although Allen is out of prison, he was ordered to stay away from the alleged victim, who police say returned from vacation in mid-May and found her home had been burglarized and partially destroyed.

Authorities say Allen stole about $1 million in gold and jewelry. He also allegedly nailed the doors, taped the keyholes and, in a final act of vandalism, turned on the water and disconnected the pipes to his sink in an attempt to flood the house. The total cost of the damage was estimated at $10,000, according to police.

Police said surveillance camera footage from the area showed Allen making several trips to the Bay Point home on May 14, loading belongings into a Dodge Durango and asking three unidentified men to help him. Authorities also allegedly found evidence that Allen was not only angry about the breakup, but believed his ex-girlfriend had kicked him out illegally by kicking him out and changing the locks.

Allen left a handwritten note at the home, police said. He was arrested May 21 at an auto parts store in Vacaville, where he refused to speak to detectives and requested an attorney, authorities said.

In the parking lot of the auto parts store was the same Dodge used in the burglary, police say.

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