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“Hindi people from UP and Bihar clean toilets in Tamil Nadu”: Another shock from DMK leader goes viral | TOI Original

DMK MP Dayanidhi Maran targets North Indians with shocking remarks on cleaning toilets, saying, “UP, people from Bihar clean toilets!” This statement by Maran has triggered a new storm for the Indian bloc, following the controversies related to Sanatan and Gaumutra. Maran is now under scrutiny after a viral video in which he compared job prospects based on English and Hindi education. In the undated clip, Maran is heard saying, “Those who study in Hindi in UP, Bihar clean toilets in Tamil Nadu. » The video went viral after it was shared by BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya, who also provided an English translation. The move strategically puts India’s Congress-led bloc on the defensive, as the BJP alleges that the opposition is trying to sow the seeds of a North-South divide ahead of the 2024 LS elections. Bihar MP CM Tejaswhi Yadav, member of the Indian alliance. , condemned Maran’s remarks. Downplaying the incident, Congress leader Rashid Alvi accused the BJP of hypocrisy. Earlier, DMK leader and TN CM’s son Udhayanidhi Stalin had sparked controversy with his stand on Sanatan Dharma, calling for its eradication. TN Minister Udhayanidhi had made the controversial statement. Another DMK MP, S Senthilkumar, told Parliament that the BJP is winning elections only in ‘Gaumutra states’. Senthilkumar’s remarks were erased by the President at that time. His statement was widely condemned and he later apologized for his comments.

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