‘Hidden Figures’ Editor Slams Glen Powell’s Response to Rough Cut

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“Hidden Figures” Editor

calls Glen Powell’s Pukey response to Rough Cut

Glen Powell had a strong reaction to a rough cut of “Hidden Figures,” but an editor of the Oscar-nominated film says his story doesn’t add up.

Peter Teschner tells TMZ … there were several screenings of the historical drama during the editing process … but he doesn’t remember a screening where the music was missing. According to Peter, they always had music in the film for screenings… including original songs from Pharrell Williamsas well as a temporary score.

This directly contradicts Glen’s claim, which he made on the “Therapuss with Jake Shane” podcast a few weeks ago.

Therapuss with Jake Shane

Remember, the actor said he vomited after watching a rough cut of the film without special effects or music… saying he feared he had ruined the film with his performance.

Although Peter says it’s entirely likely that Glen freaked out over his performance, he can’t remember a single instance where a screening was THIS difficult.

He also disagrees with Glen’s view that the effects added later made the film much better. According to Peter, Glen’s raw scenes compared to his final scenes didn’t change much… saying the actor’s performance was excellent.

The movie came out almost 8 years ago…so maybe Glen is misremembering how things happened???

Regardless, everything worked out in the end… with the film landing 3 Oscar nominations and a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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