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It looks like the baby name August is getting a boost of star power.

On Saturday, Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, announced that they had named their newborn son August Philip Hawke Brooksbank. On Tuesday, singer and actress Mandy Moore and her musician husband Taylor Goldsmith revealed that they chose the same name for their baby boy, August Harrison Goldsmith.

Their name choices reflect the rise in popularity of August during this century. The Social Security Administration’s baby name list reveals that August went from # 673 in 2004 to # 167 in 2019 (the most recent year of data available).

“August is a name that combines a deep history – it’s an ancient Roman name – with a modern, non-traditional masculine image,” Pamela Redmond Satran, co-founder of popular baby names website Nameberry, told HuffPost. “Although it is not really gender neutral, it is sometimes used for girls.”

In 2019, baby boys named August totaled 2,366 compared to 2,283 in 2018 and 2,056 in 2017. The name even appeared on the top 1000 names for baby girls list for the first time in 2018 at # 898 (with 298 registered). , then at n ° 844 in 2019 (including 317 in the books).

August is a favorite of vintages. It peaked in popularity in 1901 at No. 141, then gradually dropped down the list over the following decades to its lowest point at No. 930 in 1983. Satran noted that 1983 was the time when many parents today are born.

“Typically, people don’t pick names from their own generation or certainly not from their parents’ generation, but will look back four generations or 100 years,” she says. “In 1920, August was close to its current popularity, around number 200.”

Famous Augusts past and present include playwrights August Wilson and August Strindberg, musician August Alsina and academic August Coppola, brother of Francis Ford Coppola and father of Nicolas Cage.

Babies Brooksbank and Goldsmith join a fairly long list of famous descendants named August. Dave Matthews, Mariska Hargitay, June Diane Raphael, Lena Olin, Jeanne Tripplehorn, and Ralphie May all named their sons August (or Augustus in Olin’s case). Garth Brooks has a daughter named August, as does the Oscar Nunez actor.

Other pop culture moments for the name include the 2007 film “August Rush” and Taylor Swift’s song “August”, taken from her 2020 surprise album “Folklore.”

“So many celebrities and other parents have chosen August because it manages to be new and old at the same time, breaking away from conventional male names like William and James but also being deeply rooted,” Satran said. “It’s kind of a ‘Have your cake and eat it too’ … plus August has a lot of meaning – literally, ‘awesome!'”

Moore’s baby announcement stated that she and Goldsmith were calling their son “Gus”. June Diane Raphael and Paul Scheer also call their son August “Gus”. Gus was quite popular as a full name for boys in the early 20th century until he was dropped from the Top 1000 list in the late 1970s. He reappeared in 2018 at # 998 but not the Next year. Only 195 baby boys were named Gus in 2019.

Another fairly common nickname for August is “Auggie,” which is what characters Cory and Topanga Matthews called their son August on the “Girl Meets World” sitcom. Additionally, the main character in RJ Palacio’s popular novel “Wonder” is August “Auggie” Pullman.

Similar names like Augusta, Augustus, and Augustine have had various trips to the United States. Augustus’ path was similar to that of August – the popularity of the early 20th century, followed by decline and then revitalization in recent decades. The most recent data from the ASS places Auguste at No. 467 for boys.

After leaving the Top 1000 list in the late 1980s, Augustine reappeared in 2013 and recently hit the 731 for boys. The name Augusta fell off the girl’s list in 1945 and has remained in decline, with just 49 baby girls given the name in 2019.

With these latest surges in popularity, August appears to be the name of the most popular month in the United States, ahead of June (# 201 for girls, with 1,505 recorded for newborns in 2019) and April (# 493 for girls, with 633 registered in 2019). And as the latest celebrities to choose the name have shown, you don’t have to be born in August to be named August.


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