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Here’s what to expect from Thursday’s weather forecast


Cooler, but still heavy.

Suzanne Kreiter / Globe Staff

Thursday brings mixed weather in the Boston area.

The skies will be cloudy, the air will be muggy and temperatures will be between 70 and 70 degrees, forecasters say – much cooler than Wednesday. Scattered showers are possible during the day and in the evening.

Cool temperatures are expected on Friday.

Daily local weather forecast

  • Today
    September 15th

    Intermittent clouds

    Intermittent clouds

    86 °
    68 °

  • Game
    September 16


  • Fri
    September 17


  • sat
    September 18

    Rather cloudy

  • Sun
    September 19

    Partly sunny

  • Mon
    September 20

    Quite sunny

  • Mar
    September 21

    Quite sunny