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Here are the preliminary results of elections across Massachusetts


Voters have restricted the field of candidates in the November election in several communities.

Charles Krupa / AP, Dossier

Boston wasn’t the only city with a preliminary election on Tuesday.

Voters from nine other Massachusetts communities went to the polls, voting to narrow the candidate fields ahead of the final election later this fall.

The outgoing mayors of Brockton, Framingham, Gloucester, Haverhill, Medford, Newton and Salem are all seeking re-election.

Lynn and Somerville, meanwhile, each have open municipal elections.

Voters in several towns and villages were also faced with choices for a handful of other local elections, including in city council and school committee races.

Here are the unofficial election results for each race as provided by local authorities:

Brockton election results

Mayor Robert Sullivan won the support of voters, garnering nearly 71% of the vote.

He will face second At-Large city councilor Tina Cardoso – who drew 22% of the vote – in November.

Brockton Results by Christopher Gavin on Scribd

Framingham election results

Charlie Sisitsky, a former city councilor, dominated the election results, garnering 4,401 votes, more than 1,938 for outgoing mayor Yvonne Spicer, whom he will now face in November.

Framingham Results by Christopher Gavin on Scribd

Election results in Gloucester

Former city councilor and school committee member Gregory Verga received the most votes with 50 percent of the vote.

He will now face outgoing mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken, who won around 29% of the vote.

Gloucester Results by Christopher Gavin on Scribd

Haverhill Election Results

Mayor James Fiorentini will face challenger city councilor Colin LePage in November.

Fiorentini received 2,978 votes while LePage received 1,345.

Haverhill Results by Christopher Gavin on Scribd

Lynn’s election results

In November, Lynn voters will choose between school committee member Jared Nicholson and city council chairman Darren Cyr to become their next mayor.

Nicholson garnered the most votes with 3,220 votes, while Cyr was the finalist with 2,593 votes.

Lynn Results by Christopher Gavin on Scribd

Medford election results

Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn garnered 47% of the vote on Tuesday, qualifying for the November election, where she will face City Councilor John Falco Jr., who garnered 34.5% of the vote.

Medford Results by Christopher Gavin on Scribd

Newton’s election results

Newton voters backed Mayor Ruthanne Fuller and City Councilor Amy Mah Sangiolo for the November ballot.

Fuller won 54.6% of the vote while Sangiolo won 39.1%.

Newton’s Results by Christopher Gavin on Scribd

Salem election results

Mayor Kim Driscoll drew 60.5% of the vote while Second City Councilor Steve Dibble got 37.4%. The two will face off in November.

Salem Results by Christopher Gavin on Scribd

Somerville election results

In the Somerville open municipal elections, city councilors Will Mbah and Katjana Ballantyne will qualify for the November elections, obtaining 4,498 votes and 4,162 votes respectively.

Somerville Results by Christopher Gavin on Scribd

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