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Hennepin Co. attorney explains dropped charges against Trooper Ryan Londregan in Ricky Cobb II murder

MINNEAPOLIS — One day after announcing she will drop the charges against a Minnesota State Trooper who killed a man during a traffic stop last summer, Hennepin County Prosecutor Mary Moriarty explained her decision at a news conference.

Moriarty filed a notice to dismiss charges against Ryan Londregan in the shooting death of Ricky Cobb II, 33, due to “several new pieces of evidence that would make it impossible for the State to prove that Mr. Londregan was not an authorized use of force by a peace officer,” she said Sunday.

The new evidence, according to Moriarty, is that Londregan planned to testify that he saw Cobb reach for Londregan’s gun and that a State Patrol trainer testified that he never asked the officers to Refrain from shooting at a moving vehicle during an extraction, even if it is best practice. .

“Make no mistake: Ricky Cobb was the victim in this case. Ricky Cobb should be alive today,” Moriarty said Monday.

However, she added, “when new evidence becomes available, we evaluate our cases based on that new information. She said that when her office submitted the new evidence to a use-of-force expert for review, it was determined that prosecutors “would no longer be able to succeed in their trial.”

Moriarty said his office concluded that the judge likely would have granted a motion for acquittal made by the defense during the trial.

“We don’t even think we would have made it to the jury,” she said. “As a practical matter, we know that we will not get a conviction in this case, and what would that mean? It would mean that once again the community would say that the system did not work and that M Londregan and (Minnesota Police and Peace Officers) Association) might say, “Hey, there was a jury verdict and then we wouldn’t really be able to talk as effectively about barriers.” systemic factors that allowed this to happen.”

The county attorney defended his office’s decision to charge Londregan in the first place, saying it was appropriate based on the evidence known at the time. She said Steptoe LLP, the an outside law firm was hired to assist with the lawsuitsagreed that charging Londregan was the right decision.

Moriarty also denied that the dropping of charges had anything to do with last week’s case. fatal shooting of Minneapolis police officer Jamal Mitchell.

“For those who say this is a political decision, that is absolutely not the case,” she said.

Attorneys representing Cobb’s family released the following statement:

“While we are disappointed, we are not surprised because, like many, we have come to expect a lack of justice and accountability when black lives are lost in this country. In fact, the state of Minnesota has repeatedly demonstrated that black lives simply aren’t valued, whether it’s Daunte Demetrius Wright, Philando Castile or Ricky Cobb II.

“The simple fact is that, regardless of the absurd excuses Private Londregan gave in an attempt to absolve himself, he shot and killed Ricky Cobb II at point blank range without any justification and, instead of prosecuting him for murder, the County Attorney’s Office Bowed to Political Pressure to Drop the Charges Apparently all you have to do to get away with murder is intimidate prosecutors enough and the charges will go away.

“People don’t believe in excuses and neither do we.”

London was accused of And pleaded not guilty second-degree unintentional murder, first-degree assault and second-degree manslaughter.

Filming details

On the morning of July 31, 2023, two troopers stopped Cobb, who was black, for not turning on his taillights. They quickly discovered he was wanted by Ramsey County law enforcement for violating a no-contact order in a domestic case.

Body camera footage captured by the soldiers showed them demanding that Cobb get out of his vehicle. He refused and began to walk away when an officer attempted to unbuckle his seat belt. That’s when Londregan, who is white, shot Cobb twice in the torso.

Cobb’s vehicle continued to move forward, knocking two of the troopers to the ground. The vehicle eventually stopped and Cobb was found dead inside.

A federal lawsuit filed by Cobb’s family, Londregan and Brett Seide unreasonably grabbed Cobb by ordering him out of the car without explaining whether he was under arrest, and by reaching into the car and grabbing him in an attempt to “forcefully evict” him. The troopers also used “unnecessary, excessive and deadly force” on Cobb, according to the lawsuit.

News Source : www.cbsnews.com
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