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Helping spouse is overwhelmed – The Denver Post

Dear Amy: My wife was recently hospitalized, and like I did before, I texted family and friends to let them know about her status.

After each message, I received a lot in return, some asking questions that needed a personal response.

When my wife was about to be released, I received several offers of help with shopping and other household chores.

I had to write a tactful response to everyone, explaining that their eating needs to be carefully monitored, so I have to shop.

I have such mixed feelings on incoming messages.

It’s wonderful that family and friends care, but the volume of traffic requiring a response has been a burden to me at a difficult time.

What do you think is the correct protocol when receiving an update on CaringBridge, or via a mass email like mine?

Should people be thinking good thoughts but maybe not responding to them directly?

Respond with a trivial message of thanks / best wishes?

Or to show interest and attention by asking for more information, creating a stressor for the caregiver?

Thank you very much for the ideas in your column, which I read in the LA Times.