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Health pass: electrical debates in the National Assembly, which delays the procedure – France

Another 900 amendments, oppositions that do not let go, a majority crossed by questions: the National Assembly must resume this Thursday the bill extending the health pass, after the first often electrical exchanges until late Wednesday.

Of the 1,000 amendments tabled, only around 100 were considered in the evening. The agenda has been changed so that the debates move forward this Thursday, but this will delay the shuttle with the Senate, which the government wanted to express. He wanted the bill to be passed by the end of the weekend. “Let us move forward, please” pleaded the Minister of Health Olivier Véran on several occasions.

Between invectives and reminders of the rules, the only modification validated Wednesday evening was to specify that the health pass for international travel will only be requested over 12 years old.

“Appalling examination conditions for a sensitive text”

In a well-supplied hemicycle, the oppositions blew hot and cold through amendments, some asking to go further in the restrictions on movement in particular, when others wanted to loosen the noose. The oppositions castigated “appalling (examination) conditions for a sensitive text”.

“Take your time, the virus will not wait,” retorted LREM reporter Jean-Pierre Pont. “I do not like the health pass tool” but “to govern is to choose” and “that is courage in politics, it is not to make debates last”, tackled Mr. Véran, accused of contradictions on barrier gestures or of missing doses in vaccination centers.

Questions also came from the majority. “Today the messages are misguided and many do not understand anything any more”, reported Christophe Blanchet (MoDem), in reference to the idea that the pass could bring down the mask.

Postponement of the health pass for 12-17 year olds to the end of September

The temperature rose during interventions by Martine Wonner, the elected covidosceptic who had urged the demonstrators against the health pass on Saturday in Paris to “make the seat of parliamentarians”. At the opening, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran had targeted anti-vaccines with ferocity, while the Covid-19 contaminations reached 21,000 in the last 24 hours.

“The sheep are not those that we think”, declared the minister who paid homage to the “country which holds good”, to the majority of French people who “do not shout”.

In committee last night, the deputies have already postponed the health pass for 12-17 year olds to the end of September. That is to say an additional easing than what had already decided, under pressure, the government, at the end of August.

Consensus on compulsory vaccination, the health pass goes badly

The vaccination obligation extended to caregivers, firefighters or even professionals working with the elderly is widely supported, except for the extreme right and the extreme left. It is on the extension of the sanitary pass that right and left have reserved their banderillas. The CNIL has just asked Parliament to “define” the new device.

LR deputies are calling for “flexibility”, with reduced fines and a waiver for those who have received a first dose of vaccine – proposal rejected, Mr Véran indicating that a single dose results in a risk reduction of only 30% . The Socialists reject the pass and prefer a “compulsory vaccination” of adults against Covid “by October 1”.

Majority doubts about compulsory segregation

In session, Marine Le Pen (RN) joked about the government’s promises two months ago which, “on all counts, had said that it would not extend the health pass to daily activities”. Communists and rebels are moving towards a global vote against the bill, rejecting “attacks” on individual freedoms.

On the majority side, most of the initial reservations about the past have been swept away by the presidential announcements and the government’s demining. But the question of compulsory isolation for the sick goes badly with some LREMs and some rebels have given voice. The government has promised amendments to prevent loss of income for lone workers due to their contamination.

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