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Hannah Waddingham has a ‘real problem’ with Tom Cruise haters

Hannah Waddingham; Tom Cruise
Photo: Gareth Cattermole; Jason Mendez (Getty Images)

A lot of people in Hollywood really like Tom Cruise. He was considered the savior of cinema by everyone, from Steven Spielberg has Glen Powell, after all. But many ordinary people still don’t really like him, like everyone who knows his ties to Scientologynew singles who really vibe with Nicole Kidman’s happy photos after Cruise’s divorceand the one who started the rumor that they were not allowed to make direct eye contact with him on set. Yet none of these excuses are enough for Hannah Waddingham.

“I have to say I have a real problem with everyone who goes to (Tom Cruise) now,” said the Ted Lasso actor, who stars alongside Cruise in the upcoming Mission: Impossible 8said of her colleague in the Christmas episode of the ITV show Saturday Morning by James Martin (via Variety). “Meeting him and spending five days intensely… He is without a doubt one of the most lovely and encouraging, positive and inspiring human beings I have ever met. Isn’t it magnificent? I don’t have time for anyone to say anything about him.

While the details of Waddingham MI:8 The role has not yet been revealed, the actor said she spent the intense five days with Cruise filming a scene on the combat aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush. Based on Cruise’s past antics, this author assumes that the word “intense” is actually a slight euphemism for a stunt that could actually be described as “extremely dangerous” or “will probably kill you.” If that’s indeed the case, it’s a good thing that Waddingham feels so secure with his partner.

Either way, we won’t see the boat scene or “some other type of main scene” that the two have yet to film until May 23, 2025, almost a year after the release date The film was originally planned due to delays due to writers’ and actors’ strikes. Despite the long wait, Impossible mission Stans has something else to celebrate. Contrary to Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, part onewhich was started early from Imax screens in favor of Christopher Nolan Oppenheimer, Mission: Impossible 8 will benefit from a exclusive three-week Imax run. If this plan is truncated in any way, Tom Cruise may have to earn himself a few more haters to get it back on track.

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