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INDIANAPOLIS – Two high school students were on their way to a prom on Saturday night when they were killed in a vehicle crash.

Lendon Byram and Kalen Hart died in the crash, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office said. Byram was driving and Hart was the front passenger, and two other students in the car were injured.

Hart’s Instagram page says she was a member of the 2021 class in Hamilton Heights, where the ball was being held. The small district of northern Hamilton County is about 45 minutes from downtown Indianapolis. Byram was a class of 2022 at Cathedral High School in Indianapolis.

Two other school-aged passengers in the backseat of the car were taken to hospital with non-fatal injuries, according to the sheriff’s office. A driver was in the other car, an SVU, and refused medical treatment at the scene.

Superintendent Derek Arrowood broke the news on the school society’s Facebook page. The district canceled all prom-related activities and said it will have grief counselors at the event venue and at the high school.

“We share our sincere condolences to the families of the students affected by this tragedy,” Arrowood said in a statement released on Saturday evening. keep these families and our students in your thoughts and prayers.

During a Facebook fundraiser seeking $ 15,000, Kalen Hart’s mother, Jody Bartrom Conaway, said she was raising funds to help pay for funeral and burial costs.

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