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GTA 6 will be released in fall 2025

In Take-Two’s Q4 2024 earnings report, the company outlined when players can expect the next entry into the RGT series. What used to be a nebulous calendar year 2025 for Grand Theft Auto VI is now a more precise but still a little vague “fall 2025”.

As we enter fiscal 2025 with positive momentum, we expect to achieve net bookings of $5.55 billion to $5.65 billion. Our outlook reflects a narrowing of the 2025 calendar window previously established by Rockstar Games to the fall of the 2025 calendar for Grand Theft Auto VI. We are confident that Rockstar Games will deliver an unprecedented entertainment experience, and our expectations for the title’s commercial impact continue to rise.

In other RGT-related news, the company reported that GTA V sold 200 million copies: a staggering feat, making the game the second best-selling title of all time, but still 100 million copies away from number one, Minecraft.

Aside from a trailer (which unfortunately leaked early), Rockstar hasn’t shared any further details about the most anticipated game release of this decade. There are also rumors that the studio is planning a PC launch of the original game. Red Dead Redemptionbut so far there is no word on that either.

News Source : www.theverge.com
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