GTA 6 release highlights console upgrade challenge for PlayStation gamers: report

A recent report revealed that a significant number of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) players, primarily PlayStation users, may not have the necessary hardware to run the highly anticipated GTA 6, which is scheduled for release in the fall 2025. The next installment will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, and it should be compatible with the rumored PS5 Pro.

Video game journalist Stephen Totilo recently shared Sony’s information on console sales and user base. The PlayStation 5, now in the final stages of its life cycle, has achieved sales of 59 million units. Despite this, Sony reports having 118 million monthly active PlayStation users, half of whom are still using the PlayStation 4, a console that does not support GTA 6.

This data indicates that approximately 50% of PlayStation players will not be able to play GTA 6 when it releases unless they upgrade to a compatible console. While not all PlayStation gamers are interested in GTA 6, those who are will need to upgrade to a PlayStation 5 or the highly anticipated PS5 Pro, which is rumored to offer improved performance capabilities.

Although the PS5 Pro has not been officially announced by Sony, leaks suggest that it could offer a superior gaming experience for titles like GTA 6. As the game’s launch date approaches, PlayStation users 4 will be faced with the choice of upgrading their hardware to continue enjoying it. of the most popular video game franchises.

Additionally, a survey indicates that around 49% of gamers in the UK are unlikely to purchase GTA 6, posing potential market challenges for Rockstar Games. Nevertheless, the release on next-gen consoles should attract a sizable audience, especially if the PS5 Pro meets expectations in terms of performance.

While fans eagerly await more details on GTA 6 and potential new hardware, the console gaming landscape continues to evolve in anticipation of the release.

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