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Greg Gutfeld: While Chris Cuomo is dragged out, we miss the big picture

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Happy Wednesday everyone. Or, as the Cuomo call it, “the day of the bump.”

So how is CNN covering up the Chris Cuomo scandal? He was once their big star. But now how are they feeling?

Sketch of CNN guests complaining about Chris Cuomo’s Hampton parties

Anderson Cooper addressed the suspension on Tuesday. But look who was on set with him while he was doing it.

Cooper: Jeff Toobin, John Dean appreciates it. Some news now from this network. This is Chris Cuomo, the prime time host of Cuomo

Well, that’s embarrassing. Having Toobin there, while chatting about Chris, that’s a weird message you send – to CNN you can’t defend a weenie, but it’s okay to strangle one in public! It also shows you how shallow the talent pool is at CNN. But I guess Anthony Wiener was busy.

Meanwhile, on his radio show, Chris Cuomo found out who to blame.

Chris Cuomo blames the media for not liking his brother: you can fight the other party, and you can fight the media, but only if you have your party… he had the Republicans who hated him… the media didn’t never really liked it

So the media never liked her brother in the first place. Are you sure of that?

Crazed media montage Andrew Cuomo


Yeah – the media never liked him. And what better way to show your dislike for someone than by awarding them an Emmy! Following this logic, I’d better start building a trophy box tonight.

But since Chris is dragged out, we miss the big picture. And I’m not talking about a photo of Brian Stelter’s astrological sign. Chris is having trouble supporting his brother. He is therefore a terrible journalist, but a hell of a brother. But what is the media’s excuse for doing the same?

Hate it or not, Chris did what any family member would – and broke every journalistic law CNN still observes in the process. Send him back, I guess. But if CNN fired everyone for violating basic journalism, their newsroom would be more empty than your medicine cabinet after Kat’s visit.

Either way, if anything happened to a sibling or child in your family, asshole or not, you would do anything to help them. Except maybe Jesse Watters’ family. The kidnappers could send them one of Jesse’s fingers, and they’d say, “Hey, he’s got nine more!”


But, if I ever get arrested for something, and my sisters don’t help me bury the bodies – they are beyond control. Their loss is the gain of “Kars for Kids”. Seriously, what’s the point of having loved ones if they’re going to tell you about the body under all that game you have in the freezer? That’s why Joe let Hunter handle all these bribery schemes … That and the ten percent.

So I get Chris. But the media – they don’t have that excuse. They anointed his brother as the next president because they liked his press conferences. They are so easy to fool, Jussie Smollett wishes they were his jury.

The media liked the governor, and they weren’t related except by ideology. Now the same people who now say he should be fired were there petting his brother – as the bodies of nursing home patients piled up like sandbags along a swollen riverbank.

They cared more about Andy’s sex life than investigating the calamity at the nursing home right in front of them. And it took sexual harassment to pique their curiosity.

I understand, sexual harassment is bad. If someone’s butt gets slapped, it’s mine. And I pay a high price for consenting adults for this service. But it’s interesting how the media prioritizes and how they gleefully disown the very people they have protected for so long when it suits them. But for a while, they were part of the Cuomo team.


Apparently, the main collaborators had worked with the press to convince them to support the government. And they did. In one case, Cuomo’s aides contacted a writer for The Atlantic, who then quickly wrote an article titled “Of course Andrew Cuomo isn’t going to quit.” It has aged as well as Macaulay Culkin.

Lis Smith, Andrew Cuomo’s advisor, revealed she texted MSNBC presenter Katy Tur during the scandal – and claimed the host rehearsed her on-air “shoot”. MSNBC – the same place that still employs a racist homophobe whose name rhymes with Joy Reid. But I guess if everyone goes after Chris, the creep that Louie Farrakhan looks like every night is slipping under the radar.

Then there is CNN itself. They unloaded fake news like it was free government cheese. James Clapper gets caught lying to Congress about intelligence. Then CNN hires him to analyze the intelligence.

Their lie of collusion with Russia has undermined all institutions for years. Their attacks on the police led to the funding of the cops, contributing to the violence that destroyed cities.

They covered Florida when their Covid count soared. Now that they’re the lowest in America, they’re quieter than Matt Lauer’s business phone.


They targeted the Trumpers, while pampering the rioters. No wonder their grades are zero. If their numbers go down, they will have a hard time paying Nick Sandmann. And now they’re covering Chris like they’re on top from the start.

Stelter: Chris Cuomo was known to talk to his brother, give him political advice, but in the recently released documents you can see that Chris Cuomo basically works as an unpaid adviser, an assistant, as if he was a member of the governor’s staff, giving policy advice and commentary, also working his own sources to try to find out more about what might be revealed about his brother.

Nice pop ‘n fresh job. He reports these facts as if they don’t pretend the problem hasn’t existed for months. They hid this story until they could no longer hide it.


And yes, Chris Cuomo is a problem. But he is not the whole problem. Part of the tumor was removed, but part of it is still there. He is still growing, even if he expels one of his own.

This is because the corporate press will do what is good for the corporate press. And when one of the theirs come down, they’re just glad it wasn’t them.

This article is adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue in the December 1, 2021 edition of “Gutfeld!”

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