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GREG GUTFELD: This is a “mass media carjacking”


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Happy Monday everyone. Oh man. So, with another “Twitter Files” dump, what did we learn? Well, in between beating Barack at arm wrestling, Michelle Obama demanded to ban Trump from the social media platform. Yes, his list of accomplishments now includes censoring a president and ruining school lunches.

But other Democratic snoopers did the same inside and outside of Twitter. Bottom Line: Just like “Soylent Green,” it’s not about politics. It’s about people. And like Kat’s hygiene, they make it up as they go. You should have seen the original joke.

Liberals generally hire liberals who share the same fears and behaviors. It is true in the media. And now it’s true on Twitter. Want to protect your left-wing assumptions? Just overload companies with people who share the same beliefs. You do this for a few years, you end up with a company that has 40 diversity consultants for every two workers. And no talent.

That’s why Twitter, once a site where anyone could talk, was now dominated by people telling you what not to say. The upside, if you want to get hired by Big Tech or mainstream media, all you have to do is show up to the job interview wearing a rainbow t-shirt and a mustache. Especially if you are a woman. And if you’re a man, demand more maternity leave. Boom. You are the next host of “The View”.


So, in no time, Twitter has become new territory for people left of Che Guevara’s ghost. The laws were open to their interpretation, so they twisted them. And like a NASCAR race, the turns only went one way. But unlike NASCAR, the white men weren’t favorites to win.

Because once you have ideological control, you can hire, fire, silence, blacklist, ban at will. And hire who agrees with you. And not just on Twitter, but pretty much everywhere. Our ratings just went down for showing those photos.

It’s no wonder, then, that our lyrics can be seen as inciting violence, as they are seen by people who already hate our guts. There is no policy that says, “Ban right-wingers.” You don’t even need it. The first rule of gangsters was to write nothing. So keep bias where it belongs in your head, along with plans for plumbers to pay for your gender grievance studies degree.

And all you have to do is hire more woke college graduates. Watch MSNBC. You know, it wasn’t always crazy. If you can believe it, Tucker worked there. I say. He discovered Rachel. But then that changed. The politicians didn’t do it, but the people did. And what about Disney or American Girl? My favorite business. Certainly, those companies that appeal to all Americans have become beholden to a very few who don’t even like their product. And they look at their customers with the same contempt I have for non-alcoholic beer. And why? Because they hired drones from the left-wing drone factory: the university.

These campuses produce Marxists like GM makes cars on a GD treadmill. And all their fears are the same, because they don’t care about yours. Are you worried about gender activists demonstrating sex toys to your kids? So you’re the real threat, said the girl with enough hooks in her nose to hang a shower curtain. I find that appealing. Worried that social justice reforms have upended law and order? Well, then you must be a white supremacist, including you, Larry Elder. Are you worried when activists want to ban fossil fuels? Well, you clearly don’t care that we’re all going to die and you’re killing the planet. Well, except for John Kerry. Whatever animal bit him in the 90s gave him eternal life.


But that’s why AOC is elected. Maxine Waters, the Squad, they’re not leaving. That’s why Fetterman won even though he wasn’t fit to hold a glass of water, let alone hold public office. That’s why for two years no one in power said anything about the crime, but instead focused on January 6th.

Forget arson and murder. A guy in a furry hat made Democrats uncomfortable. Someone who stole Nancy Pelosi’s laptop got more coverage than Hunter Biden’s crimes. But thank goodness there were no nudes. Tasteful? Oh stop.

But that’s because a small group of like-minded people took control of all the storytelling. First it was in the arts, then it was in colleges, then it was in the media. And now it’s social media platforms. This is media carjacking.

And now Musk is pointing it out. That’s all he does. That when you reject the diversity of ideas, you end up with censorship and shadow banning. That’s why almost everyone released on Twitter was right wing, not left wing. Because according to Twitter officials, there was nothing from the left that really posed a threat. Well, tell that to Epstein.

This is why Musk is not advocating for a new policy. It includes freedom of expression. It is only perverted when you exclude from discussion those who disagree with your ideas. It’s like saying, “Hey, I’m all for desegregation as long as you keep those brown people off my property. But enough about Martha’s Vineyard.



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