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Green Deal, Build Back Better and Big Reset Intertwined

Jeff Brown, financial analyst, futurist and founder of Brownstone Research, which provides investment expertise to help everyday investors — and advertising sponsor of Breitbart News — said Wednesday on the SiriusXM episode Breitbart Daily News with host Alex Marlow that the Green New Deal, Build Back Better and Great Reset are “in a very chilling way very closely intertwined”.

Brown began by talking about how the American desire to outsource manufacturing and production was “the catalyst for fueling globalization.” However, he said the pandemic has shown us that “things can fall apart very quickly”, which is a silver lining as the relocation of jobs happens slowly.

Brown mentioned that former President Donald Trump had “shifted into high gear” to bring manufacturing jobs back to America. He noted that while Biden appears to be moving jobs to America, it’s “now happening out of sheer necessity.”

“In fact, the whole foreign direct investment and relocation thing, while it started from my perspective in 2010, really kicked into high gear in 2016,” Brown said. “And that’s when President Trump obviously took office and he put in place some very strong economic incentives for companies to bring manufacturing back down to earth.”

“But this is happening now out of sheer necessity. And it was going to happen eventually, but this whole pandemic certainly acted as a catalyst to accelerate that trend,” he added.

Brown said most products can be made ashore in the United States in a way that is “much better for our environment.”

Speaking of rising gasoline prices, food shortages and the supply chain crisis, Brown said these issues “cannot be fixed in the short term.” “We’ve seen countries around the world stop exporting their food products because they know shortages are coming and so they need to keep their food production on land,” Brown said.

After host Alex Marlow discussed the commonalities between the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset,” Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan, and the Democrats’ Green New Deal, Brown said they were “of a very frighteningly very closely linked to each other”.

Brown explained that he’s more concerned with the World Economic Forum’s promotion of transhumanism than their proposed Great Reset, which he calls a Great Recalibration.

“The one that worries me even more is this concept of transhumanism, which has been widely discussed at the World Economic Forum,” Brown said.

He explained that transhumanism “really refers to genetic modification, genetic editing of our DNA on a large scale, for the explicit purpose of monitoring what is going on, both inside our bodies, but also to obviously evoke certain traits of our own character, or physiology.

“What’s scary is that this is actually a very real, intentional discussion associated with this big reset,” he said.

The conversation turned to inflation, and Marlow asked Brown if he had any hedges he would recommend people use to fight inflation.

Gasoline prices are displayed at a gas station Friday, March 11, 2022 in Long Beach, Calif. (AP Photo/Ashley Landis, File)

“Inflation is a monetary phenomenon. You are absolutely right,” Brown said. “It’s entirely the result of Biden’s monetary policies. What have we seen in the last 15 months? – about $5 trillion in print. An extraordinary number by any measure.

He explained that gold would not be as good a hedge now as it was under former President Barack Obama’s administration. “He just doesn’t react like he used to,” he said.

He warned against people keeping their cash savings in a bank account.

“The reality is when we have seven and a half, eight percent inflation, and the average bank account is only earning, you know, less than a fraction of a percent,” Brown said, “then we have a negative real interest rate, which means that if we leave money in the bank, the government actually confiscates, you know, seven, seven and a half percent of our cash wealth or savings every year. therefore, it is not a safe place for our assets.

He supported the benefits of a 30- or 20-year fixed loan as a way to fight inflation. “And a 30-year fixed loan or a 20-year fixed loan is the best protection you can have against irresponsible monetary policy because you’re repaying that loan with devalued dollars at the same nominal rate,” Brown said.

The upcoming midterm elections will be an opportunity for America to change course over the next two to three years, Brown noted. He said the immediate impact of Biden’s economic policies would drive Americans to the voting booth in November.

“In terms of raising awareness about using your words, a silver lining, the immediate impact of these blatant policies is so visible to everyone every day,” Brown said. “It’s not just about our gas prices. These are literally our electricity prices, these are our costs for natural gas. it is a cost for fuel oil. And certainly, food prices have skyrocketed.

“And so I think we are empowered as citizens to make a choice in the next midterm elections and then again in 2024,” he said. “So I’m quite curiously encouraged by how quickly things have deteriorated, because hopefully I believe this will be a catalyst for change over the next 24 to 36 months.”

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