Google Vids is available for testing in Workspace Labs

Back in April, Google Vids was unveiled as an AI-powered video creator, and people signed up for Workspace Labs can now test it out.

Vids is a Google Workspace app alongside Docs, Sheets and Slides, with collaborative features on offer. In fact, the domain is with a purple document icon featuring a play button.

This app is intended for “storytelling in work environments,” such as creating team summaries, announcement videos, and training trailers. (Google will offer an education version that doesn’t have generative AI.) You enter a prompt that describes “your idea with its purpose, audience, and length,” with the option to add any uploaded materials on Google Drive.

Google will generate a storyboard that you can edit by rearranging and deleting it, as well as adding your own points, with the option to select a style. Vids will use videos, images and background music.

You then get a timeline and video editor UI with the option to record your own voiceover or use a generated voice.

It’s funny to note that the home screen still uses a Material Theme layout, but the editor leverages Material 3.

The video below was generated with the following prompt: “Updated video on reducing carbon emissions from our company’s production lines. We produce motorcycle tires worldwide.”

People signed up for Workspace Labs (h/t Artem Russakovskii), including those with personal Google accounts, can now try out Google Videos. In the future, it will be available with Gemini for Workspace.

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