Google touts ‘enterprise-ready’ AI with more facts, less fiction

Vertex AI, Google Cloud’s developer platform that lets businesses build services using Google’s machine learning and language models, is getting new features to prevent apps and services from spreading information inaccurate. After launching Vertex AI’s Grounding with Google Search feature in May, which allows models to retrieve live information from the internet, Google has now announced that customers will also have the ability to improve their services’ AI results with specialized third-party datasets.

Google says the service will use data from providers including Moody’s, MSCI, Thomson Reuters and ZoomInfo and that grounding with third-party datasets will be available in “the third quarter of this year.” It’s one of several new features Google is developing to encourage organizations to adopt its “enterprise-ready” generative AI experiences by reducing the frequency with which models spit out misleading or inaccurate information.

“High Fidelity Mode” is another example of this feature. It allows businesses to draw insights to generate results from their own enterprise data sets rather than Gemini’s broader knowledge bank. High-fidelity mode is powered by a specialized version of Gemini 1.5 Flash and is available in preview now via Vertex AI’s Experiments tool.

Organizations can also enable Google’s AI models to extract insights from their own corporate datasets.
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Vector search, which lets users find images by referencing similar graphics, is also being expanded to support hybrid search. The update is available in public preview and allows for these vector searches to be combined with text keyword searches to improve accuracy. Grounding with Google Search will also soon provide a “dynamic fetch” feature that automatically selects whether to source information from Gemini’s established datasets or Google Search for prompts that may require frequently updated resources.

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