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Google Pixel adds “Adaptive Vibration” in Android 15

Google added a new smart setting “Adaptive Vibration” in Android 15 Beta 2 that lets Pixel phones use their microphones to adjust the strength of vibrations.

We’ve probably all faced a situation where our phone’s vibration ends up being louder than the ringtone it was supposed to replace. It’s long been possible to manually adjust vibration strength, but Google is now relying on this.

Debuting in Android 15 Beta 2, Google added “Adaptive Vibration” to Pixel phones. This new option, found in the “Vibration & Haptics” menu in Settings, is disabled by default. Google explains that the setting will automatically adjust the vibration strength to suit your environment based on sensors.

The page says:

Automatically adjusts your phone’s vibration based on your environment.

Your phone’s microphone and other sensors are used to determine sound levels and context. No data is ever saved.

The animation featured on the new page for Adaptive Vibration shows the vibration force decreasing when on a table, implying that’s what Pixel phones will do when the setting is enabled.

This is separate from an existing setting, “Adaptive Vibration Alert,” which can reduce the strength of vibrations when the phone is face up with its screen on. This feature debuted on the Pixel 7a.

We’ll have to wait and see how this feature works in real life, but it certainly looks useful. Android Authority says the feature was developed in previous beta versions, but is now available, although still disabled by default – it’s still unclear when these things might go live.

If Google’s various other “adaptive” settings have shown anything, it’s that this new option could prove invaluable to the long-term experience.

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