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Google mentioned “AI” over 120 times in its I/O talk

It lasted 110 minutes, but Google managed to reference AI 121 times during its I/O 2024, by its own count. CEO Sundar Pichai referenced that figure to conclude the presentation, cheekily declaring that the company was doing the “hard work” of counting for us.

It’s of course no surprise that the topic took center stage, but it’s still an impressive number for a presentation that lasted about 110 minutes in total.

Gemini and its various iterations stole the show (after the pre-show warm-up, Marc Rebillet was done). Google integrates the LLM-based platform into virtually every one of its offerings, including Android, Search and Gmail.

The tech giant has struggled to keep up, with OpenAI’s latest GPT announcement sucking some air out of the room at Shoreline Amphitheater the day before. Apple is also expected to announce a deal to integrate OpenAI technology into its own offerings at its own developers conference, WWDC, next month.


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