Google Gemini is now in Gmail to write summaries and write responses on the fly

What do you want to know

  • Google’s Gemini AI is now integrated into Gmail on web and mobile platforms, offering AI-powered email support.
  • In the web version of Gmail, Gemini appears in a sidebar with suggestions like “Summarize this email,” “List actions,” and “Suggest a reply.”
  • On mobile, a top button allows for quick email summaries.

Google just announced that its Gemini AI, which offers AI-powered email support, is now available in Gmail on the web and mobile apps.

In a blog post, Google introduced a number of AI features for Gmail. The big news is that the “Summarize This Email” feature is now available on iOS and Android. With the help of Gemini, you can quickly cut down long threads or get help writing replies. But Gemini is more than just a summary: it also lets you ask questions and search for specific information in your inbox and Google Drive files.

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