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Google Clock alarms get redesigned weather forecasts on Pixel

The Google Clock app added support for showing weather forecasts when your alarm is turned off earlier this year, but recent updates have delivered a new design for these forecasts that is just delicious in the way as Pixel-y as possible.

In October, Google introduced the ability to display the weather forecast right after you turn off your alarm in the morning. This simple addition is powered by the new Google Weather app on Pixel phones and is exclusive to Google devices. Originally, as we showed in October, the forecast was presented as a block of text with an icon to show current conditions alongside the temperature.

The forecast animate delightfully, as shown below, first showing current conditions and temperature in a circle at the top left. Then, towards the bottom right, another shape appears with the forecast conditions for the day and the high and low temperatures. As before, there is a button saying “Ok thanks” at the bottom of the screen where you can ignore the forecast and continue using your device.

The new UI is much more visible and also matches Google’s Pixel design language perfectly.

Overall, the design here is extremely similar to the settings screen that Google has been using on Pixel phones for the past few years. It’s a bit of consistency throughout the Pixel experience.

The downside, of course, is that less information is displayed in this new forecast UI. It now only shows today’s forecast rather than the current day and the next. Still, personally I think it might be worth it given how much easier it is to read this new UI first thing in the morning.

Notably, this appears to be a server-side change or, more likely, influenced by the Google Weather app on Pixels, as the Clock app itself hasn’t been updated since October.

Do you see this new user interface? Let us know in the comments below!

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