Google Chrome brings many new features to Galaxy phones and tablets

Last updated: June 27, 2024 at 10:19 UTC+02:00

Google has cooked up some interesting features for its Chrome web browser for Android. All these features aim to improve the search experience on mobile devices and save you time. There are some UI and UX improvements for smartphones and tablets.

Google Chrome update brings improved UI for Android phones and tablets

The new version of Google Chrome now offers more directly from the search bar. For example, if you search for a location, Chrome offers quick actions (Chrome Actions) like calling the business, getting directions, and reading their reviews. You don’t need to wait for the search results page to load before taking action.

Google Chrome brings many new features to Galaxy phones and tablets

Google Chrome can take advantage of the large screens of Android tablets and large foldable phones. It now uses the Material You design language. Additionally, when you use the address bar (also known as the omnibar), the website you visited is always visible below the drop-down list, making it easier to return to that web page.

You can use this feature on a Galaxy tablet, like the Galaxy Tab S9 FE+, seen in our video below.

Google’s web browser will also offer suggested shortcuts so you can access websites you visit frequently. For example, you can type “timetable” and search for a city subway webpage result higher in the search suggestions because the word “timetable” is mentioned in its description.

Google Chrome Discover Feed Sports Scores Android Quick Actions June 2024 Update

Chrome’s Discover news feed also has a widget for sports scores. So when your favorite sports team is playing, you can keep an eye on live scores without visiting dedicated sports apps or searching for that match on Google. Chrome actions, shortcut suggestions and sports scores will also be available on iPhone and iPad.

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