Google Announces Text To Video, New DJ Mode for Sampling and Looping at I/O Developer Conference

In another sign of the vast changes that could soon shake up the entertainment industry, Google announced new features that developers could use to radically change content production.

Google’s flagship developer conference, called I/O, took place last month in Northern California. Google’s ‘Gemini’ AI has been highlighted and is now available to developers around the world.

One of the biggest highlights in the entertainment industry was the unveiling of Google’s VideoFX feature, a video model based on Google’s DeepMind video generator, Veo.

VideoFX can create Full HD (1080p) videos from text prompts. Google also showed off its new DJ mode in MusicFX, an AI music generator that can be used to create loops and samples from prompts.

Google has also added a button to enable Gemini AI in the side panel of several of its Google Suite apps, including Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides. Currently, the Gemini Button can answer questions, compose emails, and provide summaries of documents and discussion threads.

It is still unclear when these tools will be used regularly, as developers need to create user-friendly interfaces and applications.

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