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Google and OpenAI compete to create search functionality

“Google will do the Google search for you.”

Of everything said on stage at Google I/O this year, I thought of this sentence from the head of search the most. Liz Reid. It encapsulates not only how Google is fundamentally changing search, but also how the company is moving ever closer toward a collision with OpenAI.

At this point, it’s no secret that OpenAI is working on a search engine. Shivakumar Venkataramanveteran vice president of Google search, has just joined OpenAI to lead search efforts under the head of engineering. Srinivas Narayanan. My understanding is that the project has been complicated with a lot of turnover and that OpenAI realizes how difficult it is to get through the messy behind-the-scenes details of building a search engine. Still, it’s easy to understand why OpenAI feels the pressure to move in this direction; just look at how Google changes search:

News Source : www.theverge.com
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