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“Good Burger 2” is here. Star Kel Mitchell says what to expect from the sequel: NPR

They’re back and burgerier than ever.

Vanessa Clifton/Nickelodeon/Paramount+

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Vanessa Clifton/Nickelodeon/Paramount+

They’re back and burgerier than ever.

Vanessa Clifton/Nickelodeon/Paramount+

Good burger was one of the great cult classics of the 90s, starring Kel Mitchell as Ed and Kenan Thompson as Dex – two best friends working at the same fast food restaurant.

And now, more than 25 years later, the burger-slinger duo is back with Good burger 2.

It’s a project Mitchell says he’s wanted to do since the first one came out in 1997.

He spoke with All things Considered introduce Juana Summers on the importance of the beloved project at the time – and how it fits into her life now.

The trailer for Good burger 2.


This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Interview Highlights

Juana Summers: It’s been over 25 years now Good burger the first original screens. And I want to start by asking you: do people still come up to you and ask you to quote this movie?

Kel Mitchell: Yes all the time. This literally happened about an hour ago. (Laughs) “Kel, can you welcome me to Good Burger?”

But yes, it is. This happens often. And, you know, I love it. I love having done something that people care about.

Are : How did the plans for this sequel come to fruition?

Mitchell: Well, we wanted to do part two since part one. And I feel like about two years ago is when he really started to pick himself up.

When we did the Jimmy Fallon reunion, it was super amazing. The fans loved it. It just made it more real. We had already talked about doing it more, but this made studios say, “OK, yeah, we really need to do this.”

Then it was like, well, what’s the story? Let’s move on to the scenario. And Kenan and I also produced this one, so it was just great to work with the writers, Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert, who are incredible.

They wrote the first one, and (it was amazing) for all of us to work together and make it a film that can also stand on its own.


Are : We need to talk about that voice that people keep asking you to use to quote those famous lines from that movie. Can you tell us a little about Ed’s voice?

Mitchell: Well, I actually created the voice during my audition. It was a voice I did here in Chicago, when I was doing theater. And I would always have fun with my cousins.

We’d say, wouldn’t it be cool if Saved by the Bell lived in Chicago, the children from there? And how would they speak, these Californian children? And so we were talking about Chicago stuff, but talking like we were Valley kids like, “Woah man, yeah!”

And so I did that in the audition because they were like, “Do you have any characters? And I made a bunch of characters. I made my coach there, and it was coach Kreeton from All that and a ton of other characters who became characters on All that. But Ed was the one that kept going and everyone looked to, which is super cool.

Are : One of the most brilliant things that stands out is this very beautiful and charming story about friendship and loyalty. So I want to ask you about your friendship with Kenan Thompson. I mean, you haven’t been on a set like this together in years. What was it like working together again and reprising these characters?

Mitchell: Oh, man, that was amazing. For me, it’s the series we started in 1994, then a movie in 1997, and now we’re still doing it in 2023.

And for us, man, I mean, he’s like my brother. That’s what you hope for. You play a character and you have these friendships that usually when you say “cut” in some of these movies you might not talk to the person again for a while, but for us it’s great.

It’s like this family that we have, even with our (own) family, and our moms are friends and everyone hangs out together. And so it’s really, really cool that we get to do this trip with our whole family together and with Kenan and I both.

With comedy, it was like riding a bike. When we went back the first day, we were like, “OK, let’s do it.” »

Are : What do you think it is Good burger What makes this film, this place, still so relevant to so many people, even more than 25 years later?

Mitchell: I really feel like it’s the story of the underdogs, you know what I mean? I guess the family restaurant, taking on these big companies and you supporting them, I mean, you Really root for them.

And then it’s also, I explain this all the time, Good BurgeIt looks like comfort food. When you eat comfort foods, you have a memory of the first time you ate them, and then of when you eat them (now). And so what is it Good burger 2 gives you all this great nostalgia, but also (also) what’s going to happen in the future and what you’re doing now.

And the family aspect of it, where it’s a movie that you can watch with everyone, you know, from grandma all the way down to the toddler, everyone can be on the couch. We’re bringing that back to where you can just watch the whole family and no one has to leave the room.

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