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Golf Fans Want an ‘Emmy Award’ for PGA Tour Professional Suffering from Yelps and Hocks in Live TV Segment

Golf Channel analyst Johnson Wagner became a national hero in America during the PGA Championship.

Wagner was tasked with recreating some of the championship’s most important shots to give fans additional insight.

Attempting difficult golf shots during a live stream is not for the faint of heart


Attempting difficult golf shots during a live stream is not for the faint of heart

As a PGA Tour professional with three career victories under his belt, the 44-year-old is better positioned than most to offer this higher level of expertise.

But there’s a problem: Wagner is currently suffering from an age-old problem that all golfers know too well.

The chipping barks.

First, Wagner visited Valhalla on Thursday evening to demonstrate the task facing Xander Schauffele on a sharp shot on the fourth hole.

Wagner warned his studio colleagues that he was having difficulty around the greens, but continued his attempt nonetheless.

He cut out one, thinned out the next, then scratched another, all the while describing the events live on television in front of millions.

“Alright, I’m done,” he said. “You all have a great show.” I’ve embarrassed myself enough.

Fans on social media were quick to appreciate it, loving the segment more than if Wagner simply carried out the plan as planned.

But Wagner is a consummate professional: he doesn’t let any little adversity stop him from doing his job.

He returned to the course on Saturday evening to try his luck on Sahith Theegala’s birdie on the 15th hole.

With fans paying close attention following Thursday’s misfortune, Wagner ran into a cold, hard rod.

“We’ve got the toe shaft, we’ve got the heel shaft, it’s just another night at the PGA Championship, guys,” Wagner said.

These mishaps made Wagner one of the most popular and lovable pundits around, with viewers not shying away from expressing their joy.

One wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter: “Give Johnson Wagner an Emmy and a bourbon.”

Another said: “No matter where it goes…this content is the best whether you watch it or not! Thanks for putting on the hard hat every night for us! Love, golf fans everywhere.”

A third word: “Keep it coming Johnson Wagner. It’s the best thing on this app.”

Fortunately, Wagner didn’t attempt to recreate Scottie Scheffler’s dramatic arrest before Friday’s runoff.


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