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Global elites plot to destroy Americans’ personal wealth

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As the global economy emerges from the crisis caused by the pandemic, global elites have pushed for a “big reset”. Brownstone Research founder Jeff Brown spoke with Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow about the implications of this globalist vision for ordinary investors and how Brownstone’s personalized Great Reset Protection Plan Research provides all the tools investors need to protect themselves against these destructive markets. forces.

Although the pandemic has pushed discussions of the Great Reset into a broader political discourse, Brown explained that the idea is much older. The phrase comes from Klaus Schwab, founder and president of the World Economic Forum (WEF), in 2014. But, as Brown noted, “Philosophically, this has been going on for thousands of years. “

“The powerful and the elite of the world have always tried to impose their will and signal their virtue on society obviously for their own benefit, and not for the benefit of the general population,” Brown said.

However, he noted that the pandemic has only accelerated this globalist push, as governments and businesses have wielded unprecedented power over individuals.

Brown presented the Great Reset as part of the “awakened capitalism” trend, which he described as “the corporate version of signaling virtue”.

He explained that we can see the Big Reset in action in the corporate adoption of ESG investing, which stands for “Environmental, Social, and Governance”.

“ESG is one of the most important topics in the corporate world right now as companies try to rebrand themselves,” he said. “And it’s all about money and perception in the sense that even the big institutional funds on Wall Street are trying to reposition themselves as good, raising trillions of dollars in funds just to be invested in ESG approved companies. . And, of course, companies are happy to rebrand themselves in order to have access to that kind of capital and that kind of investor. “

“From my perspective, a very perverse loop is happening right now that actually feeds into what those behind the Big Reset are trying to accomplish,” Brown added.

“What is their goal? What is the goal for some of these global elites? asked Marlow.

“Obviously, it’s almost always about money and power,” Brown said. “By imposing controls, they can impose and control the flow of capital where they see fit, not where we as taxpayers or citizens see fit. If you control the flow of money, you can obviously benefit from it. They have the added benefit in their eyes of being seen as doing good for the world and the perception that they know better what is good for us and that they are leading things in the right direction.

“But it will absolutely exacerbate the kinds of inequalities and problems we see in the world today, rather than solving them,” Brown warned. “And the Great Reset, of course, always leaves out one key point: How is the world going to pay for all of these great visions? “

“Do you know the answer?” asked Marlow.

“They’re going to print a lot more money,” Brown replied. “And what that means is that the value of our dollars, euros or yen will quickly devalue and depreciate over shorter time periods.”

“I know if people go to, you give them a full plan on how to handle this in their personal lives,” said Marlow. “What can we do to guard against this on an individual basis? “

“My overarching goal is to help normal investors protect themselves against this sort of thing,” Brown explained. “We are trying to pitch in for normal people and give them the same benefits, if not more, as Wall Street insiders. And whenever we live in these types of very inflationary and very radical progressive monetary policy periods, things like fixed assets matter. “

“If we exceed inflation, then our real return on investment will be greater than a government’s ability to devalue the currency,” he added. “So what I’m really trying to convey to my followers is to invest in ways that can do just that – which can grow their assets at rates much faster than inflation.”

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