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Glenview police release statement on investigation into crash that left 17-year-old dead – NBC Chicago

The Glenview Police Department released a statement Wednesday after a tragic car crash earlier this week left a 17-year-old Glenbrook South High School student dead and three others hospitalized.

“The Glenview Police Department’s investigation into the fatal crash that occurred Sunday evening is ongoing,” the statement begins. The full statement that follows is below:

“The driver of the second vehicle involved in the crash has been receiving medical treatment since Sunday and interviews are underway with all parties and witnesses involved in the crash. As is standard for this type of investigation, we are collecting and are analyzing all evidence to help determine the cause of the accident and support possible charges, if this case warrants. We have already been in contact with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. that the matter be investigated and we move forward as quickly as possible without compromising the investigation.

In a Facebook post, Glenview police also asked any witnesses to the crash to come forward.

The statements come as vigils continue at the crash site and family and friends prepare to lay to rest Marko Niketic, 17, who was killed in the crash, during his funeral and visitation THURSDAY.

School officials said Marko, a senior at GBS, was weeks away from graduation and had planned to attend Miami University in Ohio in the fall .

What we know about the accident

According to Glenview police, the crash happened shortly after 11 p.m. Sunday in the 1200 block of East Lake Avenue, near Meadow Lane in Glenview. Lake Avenue, between Waukegan and Wagner roads, was closed for hours after the incident, and at times in the following days and evenings, as growing vigils near the crash site continued.

Marko, who was driving a silver Mercedes with a passenger inside, was struck by the driver of a westbound Ford Mustang, police said.

Both vehicles suffered significant damage and stopped across a street after hitting a wooden fence, authorities said. Marko was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

Three other people were taken to a nearby hospital, police said. The driver of the Mustang was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, authorities said. The other two – both passengers in each of the vehicles – were last listed in critical condition.

No additional details about the driver of the Mustang and other passengers were released. Police say the crash remains under investigation.

Photos and videos from the scene early Monday morning showed two cars badly damaged, with airbags deployed inside both cars. Debris from the crash was scattered along the roadway, including pieces from a fallen wooden fence.

In one photo, the rear and driver’s side of a Mercedes appeared completely destroyed.

“I can’t really process it.”

Glenbrook South High School released a letter to families Monday afternoon, calling the accident “tragic.”

“Dear GBS students and families,” the letter begins. “We are sorry to inform you that GBS Manager Marko Niketic tragically passed away in an accident last night.”

The message, from GBS principal Barbara Georges, said the school respected the family’s need for privacy and provided services to students and faculty.

“Death can be difficult for us to understand, especially when it is sudden,” the letter continues. “Today, students may feel shock, sadness or confusion. The most important thing is that we take care of each other and support each other.

According to the school, the accident happened just days before Niketic’s senior prom and three weeks before graduation.

Throughout the week, groups of emotional family and friends visited the crash site, many leaving candles, photos and bouquets of flowers at the scene.

“He’s one of those people, you meet him and he glows. The most genuine human ever,” said his friend Preston Shute, holding back tears. “He had a lot of things ahead of him. I can’t really figure it out.”

NBC Chicago

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