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Girlfriend of US Airman Killed by Florida MP Speaks Out

The girlfriend of U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Roger Fortson, who was on a video call with him when he was killed by an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputy, speaks out about the incident from May 3.

Fortson’s girlfriend, who asked not to be identified out of concern for her safety, spoke exclusively with Atlanta ABC affiliate WSB-TV, telling the station that the couple had a conversation about plans for the weekend when the incident occurred.

“We started talking about our plans for the weekend because it was Cinco De Mayo weekend,” Fortson’s girlfriend said. “And then we hear a knock at the door.”

The woman said her boyfriend walked up to the door and asked who it was, but didn’t see anyone outside. As the beating became more aggressive, the woman said Fortson told her, “I’m going to go get my gun because I don’t know who it is.”

When Fortson walked to the door, she could hear a commotion caused by the call.

PHOTO: Roger Fortson, a senior US Air Force officer, was shot and killed in his home by a Florida sheriff's deputy.  (Air Force)PHOTO: Roger Fortson, a senior US Air Force officer, was shot and killed in his home by a Florida sheriff's deputy.  (Air Force)

PHOTO: Roger Fortson, a senior US Air Force officer, was shot and killed in his home by a Florida sheriff’s deputy. (Air Force)

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“What I thought came through the door was the gunshots, and that’s when I heard it,” she said, referring to the Florida congressman. The officer then identified himself and asked Fortson to put down his gun, to which he responded “OK,” the woman told the station.

“(The deputy) tells him, ‘Stop moving, stop moving,’ but clearly I don’t think he can move,” she said. “He starts putting pressure on the gunshot wound, and he announces three gunshots to the chest and three to the forearm.”

Fortson’s girlfriend said she could hear other people, who she believed to be deputies, going through Fortson’s belongings in the apartment. At one point, the woman said it appeared one of the deputies found out Fortson was in the military. A deputy then walked past the phone and she said that was the last she could hear.

“I thought he was arrested, and then I hear this, I hear them talking about gunshots,” she said. “I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t do anything.”

The couple had been dating since October after what she said was love at first sight while they both attended a birthday party in Atlanta. The couple “bonded immediately,” she said, describing their relationship as “very honest and peaceful.”

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The couple, who were in a long-distance relationship, spoke regularly on the phone and in video calls, she said.

“He was at home playing video games and talking to me like any other day, literally any other day. It’s our routine,” she said. “He leaves work. He’s either (lying) or he’s playing the game and we FaceTime until I go to work. It’s the same thing every day. Every day. He doesn’t have never changed.”

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement previously told ABC News it was investigating the deputy-involved shooting and was unable to provide additional information about the case while the investigation was in progress. The officer involved in the shooting, who has not been named, has been placed on administrative leave.

“It’s been very hard, very difficult, very difficult to navigate life,” Fortson’s girlfriend said. “Everything I was doing, I can’t do it anymore. I’m not leaving the house because I’m so sad and devastated, and I’m scared.”

Girlfriend of US Airman Killed by Florida MP Speaks Out, originally published on abcnews.go.com

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