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Maxwell on Tuesday offered to renounce his UK citizenship and place his assets in a supervised bank account

Ghislaine Maxwell on Tuesday offered to renounce her British citizenship and place her assets in a supervised bank account, as she appeals to a New York judge for the third time.

Ms Maxwell, who is currently in prison awaiting trial for sex trafficking, has made another desperate offer to return her British and French passports – leaving her with just her US citizenship – in an attempt to prove she was not not a theft. risk.

The 59-year-old French socialite moved to England as a child with her father, British press baron Robert Maxwell, and grew up in Oxford. She denied all of the charges against her.

“Ms Maxwell will renounce her French and British citizenship to prevent her from any possibility of taking refuge in these countries, if the Court so requires,” said Bobbi Sternheim, her lawyer said in a new appeal filed Tuesday.

Ghislaine Maxwell offers to renounce UK citizenship in third bail call

Ghislaine Maxwell is pictured with her husband Scott Borgerson for the first time in an October 2013 photo – Arctic Circle

She said the offer “should address any concerns the court has that Ms Maxwell may attempt to seek safe refuge in France or the UK.

“Ms Maxwell’s decision to relinquish citizenship in the county of her birth and the country of her upbringing demonstrates her willingness to abide by the conditions of her release and emphasizes that she has no intention of fleeing.”

His legal team noted that other high profile defendants accused of serious sex crimes have been released on bail, citing the case of the infamous former French head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan has already dismissed two bail appeals by Ms Maxwell’s defense team.

Her lawyers had previously sought to convince Judge Nathan that Ms Maxwell was not a flight risk, despite holding three passports.

At an earlier hearing, Ms Maxwell offered to waive her rights to oppose extradition from the UK or France, but did not go so far as to offer to waive her citizenship. ‘one or the other. His offer was rejected as “meaningless” by prosecutors in December.

“The defendant continues to have significant financial resources and overseas ties,” Ms. Nathan said in her decision.

Ms Maxwell has also offered to put her considerable assets, herself and her husband Scott Borgerson, in a new account that will be overseen by a retired Federal District Court judge and former United States attorney.

There would be an exception for the money already set aside to pay for his criminal and civil justice costs, which were previously disclosed as $ 7.6 million, and $ 450,000 in a personal account for the living expenses of her husband.

Ms Maxwell, in a filing last week, said she was “wasting away” in Brooklyn Federal Prison because of conditions she described as needlessly harsh and a case of “physical abuse” during a search by guards.

“To deny Ms Maxwell bail when such extraordinary and restrictive conditions are available would be a miscarriage of justice,” concluded Ms Sternheim.

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