Germany’s Pistorius reorganizes Bundeswehr to prepare for war – POLITICO

The new cyber branch will be responsible for dealing with hybrid threats as well as tactical tasks such as electronic warfare.

The army will now integrate the internal security forces, while the air force will monitor the status of its aircraft – a function previously carried out by the Ministry of Defense.

The goal is to make Germany’s military more effective as it sheds decades of low spending and prepares to meet the challenge posed by an aggressive Russia.

“Since Russia questioned the European peace order, a situation of particular threat has arisen for Germany and its allies,” the German Defense Ministry statement said.

Pistorius said he expects the changes to be implemented in the coming months.

The minister also said: “We have considered the reintroduction of compulsory military service”, although this is not something that is currently in the works.

The German Bundeswehr is having difficulty attracting recruits. It has 181,000 men and aims for 203,000 soldiers by 2031.


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